• Dear Colleagues,

    You all know that, establishment and maintenance of a well-functioning system of organ donation and transplantation is a very sophisticated process, which consists of not only medical but also ethical, legal, psychosocial, cultural, economic, and religious aspects that need both social and governmental participation. Hence, a collaborative action and long-term networking with all the relevant actors at the local and international level is necessary. 

    International Transplant Network (ITN) is a program offering international technical assistance and collaboration opportunities on organ donation and transplantation. ITN events had almost 3000 participants from 76 countries, most of which are developing countries, between the years 2015 and 2017. So far ITN held technical workshops, media workshops, study visits, training courses on transplant coordination, transplant nursing with observership program, kidney and liver transplant surgery courses including hands-on and live surgery sessions, joint meetings, symposia and national congress participations.

    In the field of donation and transplantation which has a quite large social dimension, no matter what level of national experience has been gained, if there is a lack of international knowledge exchange it is difficult to take active steps to solve the problems. In that respect, the importance of cooperation and collaboration between the countries is inevitable. Thereby, it can be possible to reach more realistic solutions and to achieve targets by looking at problems in different views and benefiting from mutual experiences.

    Therefore, we would be honored by your participation to the “1st International Transplant Network Congress” that is to be held on the purpose of handling the latest scientific developments and new trends on organ donation and transplantation through the exchange of knowledge and sharing experience including pre-congress courses for professional development. In addition to the scientific program, the congress also offers a ministerial meeting about transplant related crimes and various networking activities to promote international collaborations by creating a synergism between governmental authorities.

    Last but not least, we would also be honored to host you in Antalya one of the most heavenly holiday destinations of the Mediterranean Region.

    Congress Chair
    Yaman TOKAT, MD.
    Professor of General Surgery
    President, Turkish Society of Liver Transplantation
    Member of ILTS Council
    Congress Co-Chair
    Mehmet UYAR, MD.
    Professor of Intensive Care Medicine

    II.President, Turkish Society of Intensive Care





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